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Beyond Wealth Trading LLC - Beyond Academy - Refund Policy for All Courses

All Beyond Academy Digital Products are intellectual-based courses. You will have lifetime access to this information. Due to the inability to reverse knowledge, all sales are final. Please send any inquiries to


Beyond Wealth Trading LLC - Refund Policy for Subscription Services

In order to protect the intellectual property of Beyond Wealth Trading LLC, initial and subsequent fees are nonrefundable. When purchasing a membership subscription with Beyond Wealth, by purchasing you agree to refund and cancellation policy terms and conditions. Upon purchase, you agree to pay for the chosen services on a monthly subscription-based billing cycle and for Beyond Wealth to charge your account for any purchased services as well as any additional fees that may be accrued by your purchase including, but not limited to taxes, fees, etc. Prices for our services may change at any time, and the services do not provide price protection or refunds in the event that the price is reduced, increased, or changed in any way. You are responsible for the timely payment of all costs and for providing Beyond Wealth Trading LLC  with a valid payment method for all costs. Any and all transactions conducted are final. You are responsible for canceling your membership at least 3 business days before your next billing date.  

How To Cancel Subscription Services: 

  1. You may cancel via telegram by sending the message:  /cancel to  @BeyondTeamMate for Beyond Wealth Training and Chat Support

  2. You may cancel via telegram by sending the message:  /cancel to  @BEYONDWEALTHBOT for Beyond Trades

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