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Beyond Trades FAQ

* Trading alerts are optional subscription after course purchase for $35/month

1. How are trades sent to me?

Our trade alerts go out via the Telegram app, it’s best to have the app notifications turned on so that you will be alerted when a trade is sent.

2. How often do you send out trades?

We trade based on the opportunities the market provides. We don’t force setups, so we can’t guarantee a certain number of trades per day or week, but on average there could be anywhere from 4-10 trades per week.


3. What times are the trade alerts normally sent out?

In most cases alerts are sent out anytime from Sunday after 9 pm est to Thursday at 12 midnight. Typically trades are sent on weekdays after 6 pm est  - around midnight or before 12 noon. Since most trades are sent as pending orders, sometimes they can be entered hours after being sent as long as the trade hasn’t activated yet.


4. Do I need trading experience to take a trade?

No, trading experience isn’t necessary to enter a trade into MT4, but an understanding of proper risk management is necessary! We highly recommend taking trade alerts in a demo account until you are comfortable and understand how to trade. 

5. What if I need help getting my MT4 setup or entering a trade?

Video tutorials are included within Beyond Academy to show you how to use MT4, we also provide assistance to Beyond Wealth Trading Students with all things trading, but an additional fee may be charged if you require extensive assistance beyond the usual. 


6. Why is a trailing stop recommended?

A trailing stop is essentially a moving stop loss. It is recommended because it is used to protect your profits as the price goes further in your favor. It has to be set from the desktop version of MT4 and your computer must remain on at all times in order for it to work. 


7. Do I have to use the same broker as you?

No, but prices and spreads can vary from broker to broker, so it may affect results if you chose to utilize a different broker. Sign up with our preferred broker, HankTrade here 

8. What makes the Beyond Trade Alerts different from other Trading Alerts?

We provide trade alerts that are primarily sent as pending orders so that you don't have to worry about missing an opportunity if you're busy or sleeping! Most other programs send alerts as market execution orders which means that unless you can enter at the exact time the alert is sent, your trade will not be the same as theirs. Our trades not only provide entry, stop loss, and take profit, but we also include the trailing stop as well which no other program (to our knowledge) offers. You receive the trade alerts via telegram as soon as we enter the trade into our MT4 and you receive another alert if we close the trade manually, if it hits stop loss or takes profit! Everything that is done in our trading account is sent out to our students simultaneously so that there is true transparency! 

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